The Beginning

Thunder, is an iranian rock band that formed in 1998 by Ardavan Anzabipour (singer-songwriter)

They began their first concert, by playing cover version of well-known rock music(March 1999) and the first period of Thunder activity ended up to its first instrumental album in 2000. Between 2002-2009 Ardavan’s involvement in Exir and Kahtmayan ( Iranian Metal bands)

did not leave him with enough time to pursue his projects with Thunder. Finally in winter 2010, he turned back to his Rock-Country idea in form of new line up of Thunder.

Line Up

From 2010 to 2015 due to shift from Country-Rock to Hard Rock, some changes happened in Thunder’s line up but main core of the band remained firm . Bita Sadeghi (Guitar 2010) , Aydin Anzabipour (Drums  2011)  Mohammad Barzideh (2011) by playing Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin, Percussions and Keyboards. Also from the winter of 2016 Kaveh Vaziri joined the band as a Bass player.


Thunder performs only original tracks and they try to perform a proper rock show with acts, light and good sound in their live performances, which never allowed and seen before in Iran. By summer of 2019,Thunder has performed about 30 concerts (40 shows) in Iran and abroad (for example Ukraine, Turkey, U.A.E. and Cyprus). They have produced 6 DVD of their concerts that have not released yet.


Between 2010 and 2014, Thunder could be called as a Country-Rock band and their first album     “ Rockin’ Man” (2015) sounds like that (acoustic guitar played main roll in almost all songs) .By summer of 2015 the band shifted to hard rock gradually and second album “Once Again” (2016) is complete Rock -in some point even Hard rock- album. More aggressive and critic lyrics with changes in Rhythm Guitars from Acoustic to electric! But after 30 months work prohibition in Fall of 2016 they came back on stage with new  idea. The third album “Menhaye-sefre-motlagh” (Minus Absolute Zero) supposed to be written in Farsi not English! Throughout 2017 they worked on writing of new album and recording session ended by winter of 2018 and is ready to release.